Dog Rescue Inc.

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Volunteer Rules

Volunteer Rules:

Live.Love.Bark Dog Rescue Inc.

Rules/ Guide Line:

  • Be honest.
    1. If you have a problem, address it with the directors and we will handle it together.
    2. In order to function properly, we must all be honest with each other.
    3. If you see any questionable behavioral issues, please inform the directors or shelter staff. It is imperative that we know how a dog really acts in order to ensure the safety of volunteers, employees, other animals, and potential adopters or foster families.
  • Be respectful.
    1. Show respect to other members and to your directors.
    2. Respect the shelter employees.
      1. If an employee instructs you to do something a specific way, or to stop doing something all together, confirm with a director, and do so.
      2. The Shelter Supervisor has ultimate say over which dogs can go out. Never take a dog out that she tells you not to.
    3. Be polite. To everyone.
  • Be grateful.
    1. When with the public, be pleasant. No one donates to rude people.
    2. Be sure to say thank you, not only to people who donate, but to those who show interest.
  • Be smart.
    1. Especially when around the animals, think before acting.
    2. Always keep your eyes on the animal.
    3. If you see an animal is getting anxious or aggressive because of another dog outside, don’t let them close to each other.
    4. No fighting through the cage.
    5. If a dog becomes too distracted or aggressive, take it to a different run or put it back inside.
    6. Limit all cell phone use when with dogs.
    7. Do not let the dogs roll in mud/dirt. Yes the dogs will get messy some days, but don’t let them purposely get messy.
    8. When you have a dog out, ensure some of that time is spent training. Each dog should get some amount of training every time they are out.
      1. Training is a life-long task, not a one time session.
      2. Even the best trained dog will eventually forget everything it was taught if no one enforces those commands.
    9. When walking past the public, be sure to keep the animal on a tight leash.
    10. Do not let the dog jump up on people walking by.
    11. Do not let the dog jump up at the cat window to bark/growl/etc. It makes everyone look bad.
  • When trying to find foster homes:
    1. Only certain people will be permitted to take photographs of the animals.
    2. Photos and stories will be posted by those people onto a website and social media pages.
    3. From there, they can be shared.
    4. Before advertising an animal, know the animal.
      1. Be sure to know the back story of an animal
      2. Know the breed and age of the animal
      3. Know if the animal is dog/cat/kid friendly
  • Training
    1. You must attend the training sessions with the directors first in order to take out/train dogs on your own.
    2. We will determine when someone is ready to do so on their own.
    3. Never take a dog out by yourself without permission.