Dog Rescue Inc.

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The 2017 Shelter's Choice Awards and Adoptathon will take place Saturday, September 30th from 11 am to 3 pm, held at Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center. 

We will be showcasing all the amazing animals for adoption, especially the dogs who will be walking the red carpet for all to see and cheer on. All pet adoptions will be paid for - take home your next best friend for FREE! (Standard application still applies.)


This year's vendors: 

JJ's Hot Dog Truck

Sweet Bites by Owen

Personalized Designs

Jenn Grenard Tupperware

Kaitlyn's Crafty Corner


This year's Sponsors

Award Winners

Best Smile - Annabelle


Best Dressed- Cali


Saddest Puppy Eyes - Biscotti


Biggest Improvement - Elaina 


Most Clumsy - Gambit


Biggest Treat Hound - Treble 


Biggest Couch Potato - Produce


Biggest Pool Hog - Yahtzee


Biggest Wigglebutt - Gilligan


Most Athletic - Twiggy


Best Snuggler - Yoohoo


Fan Favorite -


Miss Congeniality -


Dog of the Year - Sweet Pea